Introduce Yourself

I’m really grateful to have so many visitors to Rock’s Fabulous Journey.

I appreciate people leaving Likes on my posts or Following my blog.

I like to check out the blogs of my visitors – there are some pretty awesome content creators out there!

I thought I’d steal an idea from a blogess (is that a word?!) called V, over at the thoroughly excellent Millenial Life Crisis. She has a dedicated page for visitors to introduce themselves.

So! Please comment below and tell me about yourself…

  1. Your name & your blog’s name (if you have one).
  2. The country you live in.
  3. What you like to blog about.
  4. Your current favourite tune / piece of music and the reasons why.

Don’t think too hard about it, just go go go!

8 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself

  1. Hello and what a lovely idea, inviting visitors….. 1) My name is Caz and my most recent blog 2) I live in England 3) I blog about mental health issues, my time as a mental health nurse/ward manager, poor practice within the NHS; nurses and doctors! My own mental health. 4) current tune: ‘BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE’
    ED SHEERAN FT KHALID cos I love Ed Sheeran and this song is about who we are and we don’t all want to be beautiful people 🙂 Looking forward to seeing other blogs and their response.

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    1. Hi Caz! Thanks for being the first person to introduce yourself. Your blog is fascinating – I read many of your posts this morning. I’d love to be involved in mental health work myself in some way, so this was a real eye-opener. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  2. Hi! I’m Sandra. I live in UK but yearn to return to NZ where I emigrated in 2005, met my kiwi husband, then returned to UK in 2013 to get his visa! Finally this year we got through the complex and costly process, and August 2020 it’s time to go back to the southern hemisphere for a while …
    Our blog is – we’ve been blogging about our narrow boating adventures since 2009 (initially on Blogspot), and our quest to thrive in the parallel universe of the Inland waterways of UK. Reckless and impulsive, though with a loose (very!) plan of sustaining ourselves, we left the rat race in 2013 and have been holding our heads above water (pun intended!) ever since.
    My favourite music? I’m not really sure. I still listen to rod Stewart lol, saw him live again in July this year, brilliant as ever. Just hear the Fire Service Christmas ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ song and love it. Hoping that today (Thursday 12th December), there’s a massive change for UK.
    Love your blog Rock 😉

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    1. Hey Sandra! Thanks so much for introducing yourself. I know some people who would be envious of your narrow boating adventures… including me! And I’ll feel sad when you go back to NZ, I hope we stay in touch.

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      1. Don’t worry, it’s only for a few months to see Barry’s family, and our friends. No intention on staying. Our home is the boat. 😉 I’m a little greedy, want the best of both worlds 😂

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