Moving Forward

[WARNING: ramble-style post]

After declaring my journey was over yesterday, I’ve reconsidered.

There are a few different directions in which I’m thinking of moving forward with this blog and other creative projects.

CODENAME: Project Diary

I still want a place where I can talk about stuff from my own life in a pretty unfiltered way. Selfishly, it’s a kind of therapy for me, plus my experiences can sometimes be helpful for other people.

I’d want to cover mental health, depression, personal development, and the ongoing exploration of a meaningful life.

I also want somewhere where I can be fully open and honest about my recovery from addiction. Not everyone I’m close to know the full extent of my recent drug problems. And for that reason, this Diary Project would need to remain at least semi-anonymous.

CODENAME: Show Me Da Money

I’m also really keen to explore various ways in which to make money online. I’ve been trying my hand at matched betting recently and have been successful.

I also want to review various products and services, providing my honest reviews. I’ll include affiliate links so I can earn some commission.

Really, I’d like this money-making project to be totally separate from Project Diary. I want to be able to share my product reviews on Facebook without fear that my father-in-law will find out about my drug misadventures and hunt me down with a shotgun.

Another core design goal for me: I want to be different from all the existing 10-billion websites trying to sell people stuff.

Sure, I will stick closely to my guiding principles of Truth, Honesty and Humility. I will never sell trash to people just to make a fast buck.

But being an honest salesperson isn’t particularly a unique angle. I need some other way to differentiate myself. Some clever branding trick which helps me stand out. I’ll keep mulling this over.

CODENAME: Don’t Kill Yourself

I’d also like to do something around suicide prevention. An old friend of mine killed herself around a month ago. And I’ve already lost far too many people to suicide in my lifetime. I want to do something more to help, but I really don’t know what.

I feel impotent on this matter.

It’s such an important topic, and yet, if I’m honest, there are plenty of other things in my life which feel more important right now. I feel awful for being so selfish, but it’s the truth.

I have one good friend who I feel is very vulnerable at the moment. His moods have been swinging wildly in recently months. He’s come close to suicide several times. I’m helping him by using my Samaritans listening training to try to be there for him. Really, giving him my time, attention and empathy – it doesn’t feel to me like I’m doing very much, though I’m sure my friend is grateful for my help and understanding.

Maybe that’s enough? Just being there for people in my life? I don’t know.

I’ll keep mulling over this one.

CODENAME: No-one Likes My Music

I’m perhaps a little unusual in that I’m in my 40s and I’m still just as passionate about new music as I was in my 20s. There’s tonnes of dance music and electronica which are a vitally important part of my life.

Music literally keeps me sane and keeps me alive. I listen to Spotify for several hours every single day.

Ironically, virtually no-one else seems to like the same music as me, which makes me feel a bit sad.

I want to do something creative in which I celebrate the music that’s important to me… But without annoying my friends with different music tastes.

When I share music on Facebook, I’m lucky if I get a single “Like”. It’s demoralising… and I don’t want to annoy my friends with stuff they don’t care about.

I’ll keep thinking about these different creative endeavours and how I might best progress them.

Any and all suggestions welcome!

My New Project

So, I’ve thought of a way to simply explain my current project for making a little extra money.

A Bet You Can’t Lose

Let’s imagine that your friend Alan says to you:

“I bet you £10 that it’s raining outside right now”

– Alan

You may or may not think that’s a good bet. It depends on which country you live in, what month it is, and whether you can see outside from your current location!

But let’s also imagine that another friend, Bob, says to you:

“I bet you £10 that it’s NOT raining outside right now”

– Bob

Again, that may or may not seem like a good bet.

But there’s a way you can be 100% confident to not lose any money…

You could accept both Alan’s bet and Bob’s bet.

No matter whether it’s raining or not, you won’t lose any money.

But what’s the point in that? Both bets cancel each other out, so you can’t make any money!

A Sweet Deal

Now let’s imagine that Alan says to you:

“If you take my earlier bet for £10, I will then give you a further £10 bet, for FREE, using my own money.”

– Alan

Wow, now that sounds pretty cool. Alan is prepared to effectively give you free money.

Now we just need a way to convert that £10 free bet into £10 of cold, hard cash…

For the second bet, Alan says:

“With the £10 I’ve just given you, I bet that it’s going to snow at least one day next week.”

– Alan

You take a quick look at the weather forecast. It’s December and cold, so it seems like an OK bet, but not a great one.

But hey, you’re betting with Alan’s money, so who cares?!

And then, Bob also says to you:

“I bet that it’s NOT going to snow at all next week.”

– Bob

So again, you now have the ability to bet on all possible outcomes between Alan and Bob’s two bets.

Only this time, Alan gave you the second £10 bet for free. That means that you’ll make a £10 profit here, no matter what happens.

Matched Betting

Betting on all possible outcomes is known as “matched betting”. It ensures that no matter what happens, we will make money.

Our money is never actually at any risk… Unless Alan or Bob run off with our cash!

It’s perfectly legal. And plenty of bookies have offers of the type: Bet £X, get £Y in free bets.

My Results

I started teaching myself about Matched Betting on 13th December. 5 days later, I’ve already made over £100 profit. It’s not taken me much time at all, plus I’m getting faster at it already.

Using Matched Betting, I expect to be able to make hundreds of pounds every month, with minimal risk, on an ongoing basis.

How I Learned To Do Matched Betting

There’s a great website called OddsMonkey. They offer tonnes of training and useful tools which help you maximise your profits in an efficient manner.

It only took me about 1 hour to learn the basic techniques of Matched Betting using the excellent tutorials on OddsMonkey.

If you’d like to find out more, OddsMonkey are offering a FREE trial membership.

Just check out the OddsMonkey FREE trial here.

And please report back and let me know how you get on! I’m more than happy to answer any questions and offer help.

Good luck!

[Full disclosure: this post contains affiliate links to OddsMonkey. That means that if you click on my links and then sign up with them, I’ll get some commission.]

A Cool Way To Make Money

In the last few days I’ve been experimenting with a particularly cool way to make money online. It’s something I’d heard of a while ago, but never really got around to testing for myself.

Interim Results

Time to learn the basic technique: Less than 1 hour.

One-off opportunity, or ongoing? Ongoing. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use this technique every day, 7 days per week, for the foreseeable future.

Time investment required: Totally up to you, but it looks like around an hour per day would be optimal. Investing more time than that would be subject to diminishing returns.

Risk: Low. Any risks are carefully mitigated.

Reward: As a complete beginner, I earned £22 for less than an hour’s work. As I practice the techniques, I will get faster, increasing my hourly earnings. I’m lucky – I tend to pick up new skills pretty quickly. Within a few days from today, I think £40/hour will be realistic for me – that’s about $53 (USD) per hour.

Is it legal and ethical? Yes, absolutely. I wouldn’t touch it otherwise.

So What Is This Amazing Opportunity?!

I don’t want to tell you just yet. Sorry to be annoying!

Partly that’s because I want to put in more practice myself and see what results I can achieve.

But also, how you think about this opportunity is really important. So I want to put more time into finding the best way to describe it to you.

Bear with me and watch this space!

[UPDATE: For more details about this cool way to make money, see this post.]

I'm SO Excited!

Coming soon on this blog:

  1. Genuine ways to make more money online. I’ll share the results of my own investigations. I’ll help you identify the most rewarding ways to invest your precious free time to make extra cash.
  2. Product reviews. I’ve been receiving free products in exchange for honest reviews for over 10 years. On this blog I’ll share some of my favourite products and how I’ve used them in DIY projects within my own home.

But Why?!

  • I really enjoy helping people. So why not show you how to genuinely make money online and choose the best products and services.
  • I’ll use Amazon Affiliate links for products reviews, meaning I can earn a little extra cash for myself at the same time as helping others. That’s win/win!
  • There’s too much bullshit and too many scams out there. I’ll show you what really works and what doesn’t. This blog is proud to be a 100% bullshit free zone!
  • I’m definitely NOT a DIY expert. So if someone with as little practical skill as me can perform simple home improvements, my hope is that it’ll give you the confidence to attempt them too.

But Most Importantly…

I’m grateful to you for reading my blog. I genuinely value your time and attention.

Here are my promises to you, dear blog readers… I do solemnly swear:

  1. I will always be honest, transparent and genuine.
  2. I won’t try to sell you trash just to make a fast buck for myself.
  3. If a product or service is really poor and not a good investment of your time or money, I will tell you.

Watch this space, I’m excited to get started with this!