“Hi, I’m Rock and I’m an addict”

That’s how we introduce ourselves at 12 Steps meetings… but my drug problem doesn’t define who I am.

For most of my career I was a tech geek, designing and building corporate IT solutions. But a few years ago, things started going wrong.

Finding myself newly unemployed and socially isolated, my recreational drug use escalated into a serious problem. Add a dose of clinical depression and you’ve got yourself one heady mental health cocktail!

I’m now in active recovery thanks to a local 12 Steps fellowship. I’m rebuilding my life into something meaningful and learning to accept life on life’s terms. That’s mainly what this blog’s about.

I’ve learned a lot about depression, addiction and mental health in general. I’ve even volunteered as a Listener for a suicide prevention charity.

I’m fascinated by people like Jordan Peterson and Brené Brown – those who help us lead honest, authentic, and meaningful lives.

Fame, material success and money don’t particularly interest me. I think society desperately needs to move past its obsession with consumerism and materialism.

Despite being a tech geek, it makes me sad to see people unable to pull themselves away from their smartphones. Over the last 15-20 years I think we’ve sleepwalked into some significant technological problems. We ought to be far more careful and intentional with how we use modern tech, or we’ll pay the price with our mental health and social cohesion.

I love all things dance music and electronica – my favourite producer is the Australian genius, Flume. He’s such a pioneer.

I live in the North of England (UK) with my beautiful and ever-patient wife and our tribe of cute’n’crazy cocker spaniels.

P.S. I’d love to get to know you, dear reader! Please feel free to introduce yourself here.

P.P.S. If you’d like to send me a private message, you can contact me here.