Tune of the Day – Petrichor by Tek Genesis

Before I even share this tune, I know that a maximum of 3 other sentient beings in the Universe will like it. So why am I bothering to write about it?

I guess it’s a note to myself. The note says, “On this day, 3rd January 2020, I loved this tune more than any other. And that deserves celebration, even if it’s solitary.”

It’s more Flume-like than Flume’s own music.

The rising tones make me happy. I imagine the track as a whole is a representation of our brain’s inner workings… Competing sub-units of processing, loudly clamouring to be noticed. They overlap and interfere with each other. And yet, all of them are part of a greater whole. When combined, the mechanical noises transform into something life-like and beautiful.

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